Curriculum Vitae

Education ­­­­­

University of Nevada Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV—English PhD, Expected May 2020
Weber State University, Ogden, UT—English M.A., April 2016
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT—English B.A., Editing Minor, Honors, December 2013

Teaching Experience

Graduate Assistant, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Courses Taught, Instructor of Record:
ENG 101: First Year Composition
ENG 102: First Year Composition
ENG 231: World Literature
ENG 451A: American Literature Survey 1

Instructor, BluesSHOUT!, Chicago, IL—2018, 2019

Courses Taught:
Blues Idiom Dance Knowledge Course
Blues and Politics
How Not to be a Defensive White Person
Why Do We Dance?

Academic Panels Run:
Open Nerd Hour

Guest Instructor, Philadelphia, PA—2017

Course Taught:
Musical Muse: Learning from Blues Legend B.B. King

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Weber State University

Courses Taught, Instructor of Record:
ENG 1010: First Year Composition
ENG 2010: First Year Composition

Instructor, DanceUtah—2014 – 2016

Courses Taught:
Blues Movement Courses
Blues History Courses

International Teaching Experience

Instructor, Deep Blue Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Courses Taught:
Blues Idiom Dance Knowledge Course
Texas Shuffle Movement Intensive

Awards and Grants

Graduate Teaching Award Runner Up, University of Nevada Las Vegas—2018

Travel Grant, University of Nevada Las Vegas—2016, 2017

Director’s Award, Weber State University—April 2016
Travel Grant, Weber State University English Department—2014, 2015

Travel Grant, Weber State University—2014, 2015

Professional Service and Experience

Administrator, The Blues and Jazz Dance Book Club

Website Maintenance
Reading Lists
Social Media
Feature Articles

Organized Online Lectures:
Dr. Patrick Maley
Dr. Jessica Teague
Dr. Jennifer Lynn Stoever
Tad Walters
Fenella Kennedy

Co-Organizer, August Wilson Society Colloquium—2019 – 2020

Undergraduate Activities and Panels

Volunteer, Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States Conference 32—2018

Swag Bag Prep

Guest Lecturer, BluesGeek, Nashville, TN—2018

Course Taught:
August Wilson and the Blues

Guest Instructor, BluesSHOUT!, Chicago, IL—2017

Course Taught:
Blues as Protest Music and its Legacy

Productions Assistant, Skyline Ventures Productions; SLC, UT

3000 Cups of Tea


Southern Discomfort: A Memoir
Perfect Strangers: Friendship, Strength, and Recovery After Boston’s Worst Day

Earth Seasoned, #GapYear

Submissions Reader, Covenant Communications, Inc—2013 – 2017

Head Organizer, Sweet Solstice Blues, Salt Lake City, UT—2015, 2016

Hire Instructors
Book Venues
Event Promotion

Associate Editor, Jolly Fish Press

Books Edited:
New Sight
by Joe Schneider
Fires of Man (Psionic Earth, #1) by Dan Levinson

Co-Editor, Insight: BYU Honors Magazine

Organize editing teams
Oversee articles
Edit articles

Copyeditor, Stowaway Magazine

Edit articles

Instagram Manager, Stowaway Magazine

Post images and stories twice a week

Submissions Team, BYU Women’s Studies Journal

Copyeditor, BYU Women’s Studies Journal

Edit articles
InDesign editing

Publications and Exhibitions


Adams, Chelsea. “Disappearing Beauty: A Glimpse into Earthwork History.” Insight: BYU Honors Magazine, 2013-2014, pp. 14-7.

Adams, Chelsea. “Ascend into the Alpine.” Stowaway Magazine, Fall 2013, pp. 85.

Museum Exhibit

Sounscapes: Exploring Anthropophony. 12 Oct – 15 Dec 2018, Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art, Las Vegas.

Book Chapters

Adams, Chelsea. “Reconciling Machismo, Homosexuality, and Rape in Junot Diaz’s ‘Drown.’” Sing, Goddess: Essays on World Literature. Ed. Jarret Keene. W.W. Norton & Co, 2019.

Adams, Chelsea. “Preventing Invasion: Stopping the Spread of Quagga Mussels to Bear Lake.” Global Perspectives on Eco-Aesthetics and Eco-Ethics: A Green Critique. Ed. Krishanu Maiti and Soumyadeep Chakraborty. Rowman & Littlefield, 2019.

Book Reviews

Adams, Chelsea. “Listening to Label: Analyzing the Problematic Function of Origins in Historical Recording.” Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies vol 18 iss 1, 2018, pp. 71-4.

Adams, Chelsea. “Joshua Raulerson, Singularities.” Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction, vol. 44.2 iss. 121, 2015, pp. 92-3.

Online Publications

Adams, Chelsea. “SO! Amplifies: The Blues and Jazz Dance Book Club.” Sounding Out!, 27 May 2019,

Adams, Chelsea. “Blues and Jazz Research for Beginners.” The Blues and Jazz Dance Book Club, 19 Mar 2019,

Adams, Chelsea. “Ogden Utah’s King of Jazz: Joe McQueen.” The Blues and Jazz Dance Book Club, 21 Nov 2017.

Adams, Chelsea. “Simple, Dangerous Acts: How Jim Crow Creates Dramatic Tension in Fences.” August Wilson Society Fences Study Guide, June 2017,

Adams, Chelsea. “’Star Trek’ and the Evolution of ‘The Kiss’ Controversy.” PopMatters, 3 Nov 2016,

Academic Conferences

Adams, Chelsea. “From Cakewalk to Second Line: Contextualizing Helene and Shadrack through Dance in Sula.” Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States Conference 32, May 2018, Las Vegas, NV.

Adams, Chelsea. “Recuérdame: Positive Cultural Representation in Disney Pixar’s Coco.” Far West Popular Culture Conference 30, February 2018, Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

Adams, Chelsea. “Managing White Guilt: Minstrelsy, Music, and James Agee.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association 89, November 2017, Atlanta, GA.

Adams, Chelsea. “The Evolution of ‘the Kiss’ Controversy: From ‘Plato’s Stepchildren’ to J.J. Abrams.” Far West Popular Culture Conference 29, February 2017, Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

Adams, Chelsea. “Re-Creating the Mother of the Blues: Musical Presence in August Wilson’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” An August Occasion: A National Conference on the Life and Legacy of August Wilson, Oct 2016, Washington DC.

Adams, Chelsea. “’You ain’t nothing if you don’t maintain an image’: Voodoo in Terry Pratchett’s Witches Abroad.” International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts 37, Mar 2016, Orlando, FL.

Adams, Chelsea. “Black and White Blues: the Othering of Blues Music through Romantic Racialism.” Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States Conference 30, Mar 2016, Charleston, SC.

Adams, Chelsea. “Fighting a Constitutional Ideology ‘as simple as black and white’: Atticus and the Court.” Southwest English Symposium, Feb 2016, Tempe, AZ.

Adams, Chelsea. “Jook Joints and the Devil’s Music: Blues Inflence in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association 87, Nov 2015, Durham, NC.

Adams, Chelsea. “Perfect Timing: Apollo’s Justice through Time in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.” Wooden O. Symposium, August 2015, Cedar City, UT.

Adams, Chelsea. “Lipwig vs. Bent: Reenacting the Keynes–Hayek Debate in Terry Pratchett’s Making Money.” International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts 36, Mar 2015, Orlando, FL.

Administrative Work

Assistant to the Graduate Coordinator, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Salesforce Admissions
Language Database Project
Professional Development Event Organization